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[Translate to Deutsch:] A Move Management Success Story

[Translate to Deutsch:] Move Management Success Story

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Client Profile

A leading technology company with over 6,500 employees in 68 countries.


Before 2012, this global technology company administered the mobility program on a de-centralized approach. The administrative burden for Human Resources was critical due to spot-buying for each relocation transfer. The client identified inconsistency in quality due to multiple providers being involved, inefficient process and received no transparent management reporting.

From 2012 until 2015, this global technology company agreed modular pricing tables and frame agreements with three relocation / household goods service providers. In 2016, after strategic meetings with stakeholders in all important regions, the client determined that Inhouse Mobility offered the best comprehensive solution to fulfil the needs of their program and selected them as their Move Management services provider. The client felt Inhouse had a complete understanding of their program goals and were able to offer the most comprehensive solution to fulfil their goals in terms of technology, pricing, and the understanding that the provision of excellent customer service to relocating families was paramount.


Our client wanted to consolidate all operations with one provider and achieve policy consistency across the globe. At the same time service consistency, competitiveness in pricing and centralized reporting was crucial. Inhouse Mobility helped them improve both the consistency and efficiency of services, save money, and increase employee satisfaction for the door to door moving process.

After the first three months of Inhouse Mobility administering their program, customer satisfaction scores increased and the direct costs for moving services could be reduced.

Furthermore, we approached each relocation from a strategic perspective modifying services to each individual employee. As an integrated Move Management and Relocation Management Company, we were able to adapt our offering to deliver services together. For example, we would integrate home search, orientation and school search services; at the same time, we would plan the move effectively so assignees could relocate easily and move into their new home to coincide with the delivery of their household furniture. Many used furniture rental as a cost effective and much more convenient alternative to short term or hotel accommodation so they could live in their new home from the start of their assignment.


  • Stringent Vendor Management: Our account team coordinate service delivery through our network of accredited suppliers. We manage suppliers using client agreed service level agreements and quality standards. So, you can relax in the knowledge that you’re working with the best-in-class suppliers. In every region and at competitive prices.
  • Single Point of Coordination: We’ll keep things simple by giving you one point of coordination. Our experienced account teams will manage an integrated service package, keeping you informed with proactive reporting and management information.



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