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China Online system available for verification of diplomas

China Online system available for verification of diplomas

The new system of the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE) <link renzheng.cscse.edu.cn/Login.aspx&gt;http://renzheng.cscse.edu.cn/Login.aspx</link> for verifying domestic and overseas diplomas is officially launched and put into use.

The new online system built by the authorized education organization aims to further simplify the procedure of the academy degree authentication and better control the illegal fake diplomas to be used for the immigration process.

What are the Changes and Immediate Actions?

Certificate (diploma) of highest academy degree is a necessary document for Chinese work permit application. In general, foreigners can go to the embassy, consulates of issuance country of Diploma to complete the diploma legalization.

As of today, most Expert Bureaus are not fully informed about the new update and there is no official notice published on the Expert Bureau’s website. At present, they would still accept the diplomas that legalized by the Chinese Embassy / Consulate in overseas. It will take approximately 20~30 Business Days to complete the entire legalization process after all the required documents/ information is available and the on-line application is submitted. However, the processing time may be extended on case basis.

There is no guarantee that all overseas diplomas could be verified and legalized successfully through CSCSE.