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Visa &

With an established global network spanning over 154 countries worldwide, Inhouse Mobility can integrate the visa and immigration process into the relocation process to manage timelines better along with relocation and moving services.

Our trusted local partners are all required to pass a stringent due diligence procedure, and their qualifications, knowledge and experience are reviewed on a regular basis.

Our priority focus is on immigration compliance and to support you and your business to meet scheduled assignment start dates.  

Immigration, Visa &
Work Permit

Inhouse Mobility gives you an overview of the entire visa and immigration process including expediting services, which can include liaising with government immigration departments or other involved authorities such as consulates or embassies. We also offer immigration consultancy advice and keep our clients updated of changing global immigration laws and regulations. Only Government Certified companies are being used for these services.

Our Visa & Immigration Services include:

  • Prepare, lodge and monitor visa applications with the relevant immigration authorities
  • Assist and accompany employees with legalization and notarization of documents and translation of documents
  • Support at every step from the initial step to lodgement and completion of the visa applications


  • A One Stop Shop for all countries
  • Compliance on global Visa and Immigration Services
  • Global Reporting and Tracking
  • Home country as well as Host country assistance

Translations, Legalizations &
Obtaining Apostilles

In addition to the Visa and Immigration process, we manage certified translations, legalization of documents, notary authentications, certifications and Apostilles in more than 150 countries through our global network of Certified Immigration Partners.


  • You can focus on the essential tasks
  • Cost and time savings as service is integrated

EU Reporting &
Registration Requirements

Are you prepared for all risks? The demands on Global Mobility are continuously increasing. Due to the rising number of short-term employee assignments, business trips, and cross-border deployments, along with the associated higher legal requirements, companies need more transparency regarding their employees' travel activities and assignments to be able to act promptly.

A concept tailored specifically to your company protects both employers and employees equally.

Our team of experts with experience in various fields will work with you to develop and design an actionable strategy.

Learn More About EU Reporting & Registration Requirements

Automated A1 Certificates: Efficiency for Cross-Border Work

Are you looking for a solution to apply for A1 certificates?

Automate the application for A1 certificates with Inhouse Mobility.

The extent to which the required A1 certificate is present for cross-border employment has been increasingly monitored for some time. The updated administrative practice is based on revised regulations to combat wage dumping and undeclared work.

Are you tired of handling the time-consuming and error-prone process of managing A1 certificates for business trips? Say “Goodbye” to manual paperwork and “Hello” to increased efficiency with Brisa. From dealing with complex regulations to managing tedious paperwork, we understand the frustrations you face. Our innovative solution revolutionizes your travel and immigration processes.

We support you with all issues related to labor and residence law in connection with employee postings and the A1 certificate:

  • Support with the application and management of A1 certificates
  • Application for permanent A1 certificates for multi-state workers
  • Support in resolving complex cases and disputes related to A1 certificates and employee postings
  • Consulting on exception agreements for employee postings

Avoid the manual effort with the SV-Meldeportal and save up to 95% of your time.

Don’t wait any longer! Optimize your internal travel processes and apply for your A1 certificate online, easily, quickly, and automatically. Book an appointment to take advantage of the automated solution from Inhouse Mobility!

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